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With each passing legislative session (a legislative session only lasts 60 days) our representatives, senators and chief executive (the governor) get further and further away from us, the people.  More and more of us watch our efforts to get meaningful change in our state be ignored, often with contempt for our views.

We are a group of people like you who have decided it is time to establish Direct Democracy in Hawaii, which is a right that many citizens of other states already enjoy. This is a non-partisan effort.  We are currently made up of folks from many different areas of the political spectrum. Together, with a few dedicated legislators and council people, we can change Hawai’i. We can recover the vision we have always had for our state but which we have seen slowly drift away year after year.

This website gives us, the people of Hawai’i, the opportunity to sign a petition whose final destination is the inbox of our senators, representatives and governor. The petition simply requests that the legislators allow to be placed on the November, 2018 ballot a question to amend the state constitution authorizing future Citizens’ Initiative petitions.

Citizens’ Initiative, which is sometimes called Direct Democracy, is a means by which voters are able to place a measure on the state ballot at election time without the interference of the legislature or the governor, thus allowing citizens to vote upon measures in November by direct vote.  Think of the inherent possibilities: campaign finance reform, minimum wage, healthcare reform, criminal justice reform, land use matters, governmental reforms, indigenous people’s issues, election reform, and so much more. You fill in the blanks.

This project entails a great deal of promotional effort and will require a lot of explaining as so many folks are just not familiar with this subject. We, who are working on this, need your assistance. If you have expertise or time you can offer, please get in touch through our “contact” tab. As well, please share a link to this page and to our petition with people whom you feel may be interested in pushing ahead with this initiative.

We are building a broad coalition, connecting all organizations and individuals who want to see voters have a stronger voice.  Please contact us to add your organization or movement to our list of official endorsements.

With warmest aloha from the Initiative Team

Karen Cobeen
Sylvia Litchfield
Yuana Garvin
Joseph Kohn M.D.
Alex Beers
Eric Feingold
Brent Norris

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